The Soo Thunderbirds “Clean Up The Pantry” Campaign

The Soo Thunderbirds are teaming up with the Soup Kitchen Community Centre to bring much needed canned foods and goods to those in need. Beginning on Saturday, September 30th – The Soo Thunderbirds Hockey Club is asking all spectators to bring at least one canned good to the Soo Thunderbirds home game vs the Soo Eagles.

Donations and canned goods will also be collected during all home games for the entire month of October.

Team staff and players will also be assisting with cooking and serving at the Soup Kitchen Community Centre during the holiday season.

“It brings happiness helping others out and we feel that this is a great way to give back to the community,”- Soo Thunderbirds head coach John Parco. “What a great opportunity for the players and staff on our club to help those in need,” – Team Owner and President Darren Smyl.

Donations can include many items including canned soup, instant formula, granola bars, juice, oatmeal, rice, jam, toothpaste, pasta sauce & pasta, canned meats, toiletries and canned beans just to name a few.

Donations to the Soup Kitchen will also be accepted by game night staff during all home games. For more information about the program please contact Trev Zachary at

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